Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Inspiration

Well, this last year I was bitten by the photography bug.  Before the birth of our second daughter we hired a photographer to come and take pregnancy shots and then some newborn ones after she was born. I was in love with her work, the pictures were stunning and looked like they were straight out of a magazine. So. of course, we hired her again to come back for my daughters birthdays to do yearly family shots. They resulted in even more stunning pictures. I was in love, so much so that I wish I could pay her to live with us and take candid shots of my girls all the time. But since I have not won the lottery I needed to find a different approach.
My husband got me a camera when our, now 5 year old, was one. It was a nice one, a Canon 30D. I had always used it as a point and shoot, never really bothering to learn any more about it. It took really nice pictures that way but none that I would call stunning. So I pulled it out and decided it was about time I learned how to use it.
Classes were out of our budget so between Google and Pineterest I decided to try and teach myself about all the different settings and software to enhance my abilities and end results of my photos. There are many different websites and links out there to help but in these posts you will find some that have helped and inspired me.
My first inspiration is of course my two beautiful girls, A. (5 years old), and H. (1 year old). They will be featured in many of my posts since they are my main focus and the whole reason I am doing all of this.
My second inspiration is the woman who made me want to grab my camera and learn, our permanent family photog,  Carrie Fay Photography does beautiful work and I hope to someday be at least half as talented as she is. If you are looking for a photographer in the AZ area, she is your gal, oh and she also travels so check her out.
Anyways let the picture journey begin and please leave a comment if you have any advice or suggestions, I would love to here it.